Spring Cleaning Has Begun

A significant event brought about Earth Day, which officially began in 1970 to bring about environmental awareness and to encourage citizens of the world to follow the three Rs: reduce, reuse & recycle. A substantial oil spill in California spurred the state & eventually the nation into action. More than fifty years have passed, but over time, we are preventing events like that one from occurring again while making the world around us a cleaner, more sustainable place to live.

Founded with the objectives of fulfilling an emerging need & pushing toward the eventual elimination of electronics ending up in a place where they can contaminate soil & water streams, Computer Recycling has grown from a local recycler to one that now has connections throughout most of the country. Their spokesperson mostly credits word of mouth, networking, & a high standard of service from the first contact to the time when the job is completed.

“Consumer demand for new technology has led to decreased life cycles for all types of technology, and companies like ours are the final destination.”, shared Computer Recycling’s representative. “Over the span of 30 years, mobile phones went from weighing as much as a brick to being light as a feather. Rolling with the changes means having the items you no longer have a need or use for properly recycled, and with our extensive experience & secure data destruction, that’s where we come in.”.

Before the practice of computer & electronics recycling became widespread, it was common for these items to end up on fertile soil somewhere, leaking potential contaminants & possibly endangering vital crops. With the emergence of companies like Computer Recycling and government policies putting safeguards into place (i.e. making the practice of sending electronics to landfills illegal), we have made tremendous strides toward preventing the tragic events that brought about the need for Earth Day. But there is still plenty of work left to be done.

One of the three Rs, Reuse comes into play when it comes to scrap metal & plastics that are recycled from electronics. Implementation of reuse for these components has a couple of very important benefits: they hold down the expense that manufacturers encounter when it comes to assembling new products (and as a result, lower costs for the consumer), and they greatly reduce the need to seek out new resources through excavation that endangers the planet and is a known contributor to climate change. Computer Recycling’s spokesperson sees this as a major part of the solution toward a more sustainable Earth, especially the more it is put into practice.

Earth Day for 2021 is very nearly upon us. Call Computer Recycling at (866) 509–7267 for all your e-waste recycling needs. Events for electronics & laptop recycling are especially popular this time of year, so it is highly recommended that you reach out promptly to schedule if you’re looking to hold one.



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Computer Recycling Inc. is a leading electronics recycling company committed to helping customers dispose of obsolete or unwanted electronic equipment.