Computer Recycling Shares What You Need to Know Before Recycling Your Electronics — AllTopStartups

Why Do Computers Need To Be Recycled?

Dangers of Chemicals and Metals Found in Computers

Reusing Old Components

The Recycling Process

Questions That You Should Ask a Recycling Firm

  • What types of materials do you accept? A computer recycler should accept hardware and peripherals. Both types of products could contain hazardous materials and proprietary data.
  • How do you protect computers from data theft? In addition to properly wiping hard drives, a reputable firm like Computer Recycling will have the means to shred the hard drives. Shredding means that there is no way to reassemble and access the data, and it is gone forever.

Doing Your Part for the Environment and Data Security



Computer Recycling Inc. is a leading electronics recycling company committed to helping customers dispose of obsolete or unwanted electronic equipment.

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